Charters Towers: Historical and haunted

By Leah Watson

For more than 100 years Charters Towers Ambulance Station has been operating out of the same site on Gill Street.

It is believed this is the longest unbroken chain of command for a QAS station.

‘It was also the first one outside of Brisbane to be self-governed. Prior to that, all stations were under the one umbrella,’ Officer in Charge, Clark Magele, told QAS Insight.

Clark stressed the ambulance service’s involvement in the local community as an important aspect of working in Charters Towers.

‘Like most towns, especially in the country, the ambulance service here in Charters Towers is part of the community – we don’t just work in the community,’ Clark said.

‘Especially in country towns, you really build up a rapport within the community and with all the locals – even those you don’t see very often.’

Around 20 years ago operations were moved from the original station to a new one on the same site, directly next door.

‘The new building was built in 1995. That’s also the year the old building was vacated, but not all the residents left,’ he said.

‘Lots of people have independently reported seeing a ghost – it’s almost synonymous with the station.’

One such officer is Daniel Cobain, who saw the ghost last October after his first shift at Charters Towers.

‘No one had told me about any ghost,’ he said.

‘I had just finished my 1300 to 2300 shift and I was staying on station because I had only just moved to Charters Towers and was picking up the keys to my new house the next morning.

‘As I was walking down the hallway to the shower room, I saw a white silhouette out of the corner of my eye.

‘I didn’t really want to check what it was so I kept walking, but I had a full body experience – I felt tingling everywhere and my legs went weak.’

The following day Daniel recalled his experience to his fellow officers and was told he was not the first to see a ghost at the new station.

‘Two or three others said they’d seen it.

‘There’s also been stories about people seeing the ghost through the windows in the old station, which is now the museum.’


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