Week 1

The Gold Coast is a playground for many subcultures, from lovers of the outdoors to midnight Pokémon trainers.

In News Production alone the variety of specialities and areas of interest each student brings is immense.

For my online portfolio I will be focusing on nerd culture in South East Queensland. Each year I attend both the Gold Coast and the Brisbane Supanovas, the Australian Pop Culture expo, and three or four launches for Magic: The Gathering, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Along with a few others in News Production we are hoping to create a site dedicated to a few of the subcultures on the Gold Coast. Each person will have their own page specialising on their chosen culture, aiming to give it the time and depth needed to really do the culture, and the individuals who identify with the culture, justice.

For the first written assessment I am lining up an interview with a local comic and zine writer, Danikah Harrison. I am very interested in exploring how the zine and comic scene has grown over the last few years and will hopefully be able to attend the next Street event in Brisbane.


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