Week 3

1. Your Idea

Zine and Indie Comic Symposium ’16 (ZICS)

2. Is it newsworthy?

News elements: Novelty, proximity, currency, people

3. How did you source the story?

I have friends who are in the Australian zine and comic scene

4. Is it balanced?

As a fluff piece, I do not believe it needs to be particularly ‘balanced’

5. Who are you going to interview?

Danikah Harrison (DTime Comics): One of the zine and comic artists attending the event

6. What questions are you going to ask?

  • How did you become involved in the zine and comic scene?
  • How would you describe the zine and comic scene to someone who knows nothing about the art form?
  • Have you noticed a change in the popularity or support of local (Australian) zines and comics?
  • What other events have you attended or been invited to?
  • Would you consider the zine and comic scene to be a professional arena or more of a hobby? (People’s attitudes)
  • Do you prefer the zine and comic scene being smaller (more elitist) or larger (more artists/contributors and fanbase)?
  • What would you like this feature to be on? (A DTime profile/Zine and Indie Comic Symposium ’16 review/other)

7. What pictures are you going to use?

I want to photograph as many artists, attendees and organisers as possible, utilising many camera frames. The photo I am going to establish the piece with is a wide shot of the event as a whole, hopefully including a landmark as the symposium is at The Edge.

8. What video elements are you going to include? Have you booked the video equipment? Do you need to brush up on your filming and editing skills? There may be an option for a radio style submission if video is not an opition.  

I will be using my own camera/video camera. So far I am not sure what video elements I want, so I will be grabbing as many as possible. This will include many camera frames, from long shot to extreme close up, depending on the subject at the time. I think this will become more apparent on the day when I know exactly what the story will be on, whether it is a profile, review or feature on the wider scene.

9. What links and other web 2.0 elements are you going to use?

DTime Comics: https://www.facebook.com/Dtime-Comics-467887319906417/

Zines Australia: https://www.facebook.com/groups/zinesaustralia/

National Gallery of Australia page on zines: http://nga.gov.au/exhibition/spaceinvaders/Default.cfm?MnuID=3&GalID=8



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