Week 4

This week we focused on adding colour to our stories. To do this, we refreshed various photo and video elements and how to effectively use them.

First, the basic camera shots we discussed were pan, tilt, dolly, zoom, still and tip. Second, we identified the following camera frames and when one might use them in a story: extreme close-up, big close-up, close-up, medium close-up, medium shot, medium-long shot, long shot and very long or wide shot.

Finally, we practised setting up interviews on camera using the Rule of Thirds. The technicalities of getting the best image of the subject whilst also being able to catch their voice with the microphone proved to be the most difficult aspect.

After brushing up on all of the above techniques, we separated into groups, grabbed a camera and went out to take some practise shots.

The aim was to take twenty-four shots of a subject using the camera shots and frames discussed earlier.


Finally, using Final Cut Pro, we learnt basic editing and how to add voice overs to clips.

It was interesting to note how, even with similar footage, each student created entirely different pieces.


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