Week 5

This weekend just gone was ZICS (Zine and Indie Comics Symposium). In preparation, I hired a Ricoh Theta 360 camera from the university, which was very exciting.

To put it simply, ZICS is a free two-day celebration of the zine and comic mediums. There is a zine and comic market, where creators, both local and interstate, show off their work; panels and workshops for networking and sharing ideas; and poetry slams.

Throughout the day, I discovered that the emphasis is not on zines and comics themselves but on the community and culture they create.

Everyone I approached were more than happy to have a little chat and for me to take notes, with the possibility of quoting them in my feature, and take a couple of shots.

ZICS co-founders Jeremy Staples and Andy Paine provided invaluable information regarding how the event came about and how it has grown and changed over the last four years.

Out of all the artists and creators I talked to, Milan Ilich stood out as the one I would focus on for my feature. As it is only a short piece, I did not want to exceed three sources.

This, of course, meant that Danikah Harrison, who was going to be my main source, was going to be cut. I discussed this with her and she was not only understanding but relieved. The weekend was proving busier for her than previously expected.

In the end, I left ZICS with a variety of interviews, audio, photos and video footage, and a new take on my feature.

In class, my priority was uploading the 360 degree image from the Ricoh Theta camera. This proved exceedingly difficult.

Chris, Bevan and myself all researched ways to embed the image in WordPress, but to no avail. After the success of the weekend, this was very disheartening.

In the end, however, I was able to upload it to the Ricoh Theta site and link it in my feature, as well as post it on my Facebook.

The Facebook post quickly gained the attention of various creators who attended ZICS and the ZICS crew.



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