Week 6

One week on and my feature about ZICS has been shared by numerous creators, most of whom attended ZICS, and the ZICS organisers themselves. I have been astounded by how much attention it has received.

This week the focus has been on researching our next features. So far I have one idea.

1. Your Idea

The social implications of digital creations. Focusing on a free workshop I was introduced to at ZICS which teaches first-time dads how to make digital comics and encourages them to tell their stories of parenthood.

2. Is it newsworthy?

I strongly believe so. It is common knowledge that a wide variety of groups exist that target mothers in particular, but less that target fathers. I feel that this sort of program is an incredible innovation as it creates an informal support system where first-time dads can network and learn a new skill in a recreational context.

3. How did you source the story?

Milan Ilich, a source from my ZICS feature, runs the workshop.

4. Is it balanced?

Not particularly. It is a human interest story.

5. Who are you going to interview?

Milan Ilich, the facilitator and hopefully one of the participants.

6. What questions are you going to ask?

  • What prompted you to start/join this program?
  • Why is it important?
  • How does retelling your experiences as a father change how you view them?
  • How important do you think it is to have this kind of informal support system?
  • How do the workshops run? Are they formal/informal? Why?

7. What pictures are you going to use?

I want to take as many shots as possible showing the participants, their work, how the men interact with each other and what the workshops are like at first glance.

8. What video elements are you going to include? Have you booked the video equipment? Do you need to brush up on your filming and editing skills? There may be an option for a radio style submission if video is not an option.

For this feature I want to video record the whole interview I have with my main source, which will my Milan. I feel this will give a much more professional feel to the feature, which is important because this story is about a program used to help first time fathers.

9. What links and other web 2.0 elements are you going to use?

No ideas as of yet.



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