Week 11

Back from the holidays and last week’s public holiday, it was time to film our review for Batman: The Telltale Series. Over the break, Jayden, Andre and myself played the first and second episodes and wrote our segments. Jayden also recorded his gameplay for us to use.

It was actually amazing how easy filming was. The first take was near-perfect, with only a few mistakes (like Andre saying ‘Harley Dent’ instead of ‘Harvey Dent’, but who can blame him, Harley is so much better than Two-Face).

The hardest part was actually setting up the studio. I felt I had to fight to get the set-up that most closely resembled that of Good Game, which we had originally agreed was our base.

In the end, I did get my way. Good Games for the win.

It was really fun to get in the studio and play around. I think this really shows in our discussion at the end, which was done in one take and unscripted. The conversation is natural and easy to watch – definitely shows our knowledge and passion for the series – resulting in an effortlessly professional review.

Additionally, over the break I interviewed Milan Ilich for my final feature article and finalised the Kaladesh review.

I’m not completely happy with the video element of the Kaladesh story, but I got the footage I could. It was very clear that most  people at the pre-release were not comfortable in front of camera.

On a more positive note, the interview with Milan was very good and I got a lot of great audio and footage.

Now I’m just waiting for his social work contact to get back to me for the final interview.


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