Week 12

Today we started editing our GameState video.

First, we put together the footage of us that we liked best.

Secondly, we put Jayden’s gameplay footage as the background image on the blue screen. Thank you Chris for linking us to the instruction video.

Third, it was time to insert parts of the trailer and gameplay over our footage, keeping our recording as voiceover. It’s looking amazing!

As my segment is first (and I already did a practise at home), I was able to quickly cut the trailer, maintaining the authenticity of the trailer itself, and put it on top of our recording.

Andre’s segment is also done. It took a lot longer to cut and paste relevant gameplay segments on top of his review.

Depending on how we go for time this week, we may have to add the logo, intro and Batman: The Telltale Series Warner Bros. Entertainment reference next week.

Looking good!

Unfortunately, my source for my feature about Milan Ilich’s PhD project hasn’t responded to my requests for an interview yet.

Milan has agreed to talk to him for me, because it will work in his best interest to have a source also working on the project.


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