Week 13

Final week!

After finally getting an interview with Ricco, my social worker source, for my final feature, today I can finally write the article.

The video is practically done already, so that’s easy enough. What will be difficult is sifting through the hour and a half audio interview with Milan.

His passion for his project is a blessing, but it also means he went on many tangents and I had to keep nudging him back on track.

On another note, today in class we are finishing up our review for Batman. Jayden is working on adding gameplay clips over his segment of the review, while I double-checked how to reference the game clips and trailer, as per Good Games.

We are also adding our GameState logo to the bottom right corner of the entire video. Exciting!

It’s looking really good and, honestly, I’m very proud of it.

At the beginning of the semester, I didn’t think I would ever enter the studio. I’m more comfortable writing online – but this has spiked my interest in broadcast.

Additionally, a bunch of us helped mock up the studio at the end of class.

Thanks for a great semester, Chris!


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